On Assignment: Vegans Have Beef With California’s Handling of The Drought


Plant eaters gathered at the World Vegan Summit & Expo in Los Angeles this month say going vegan would go a long way in solving the California drought.

As the state enters the fourth straight year of drought, some activists and academics say eschewing animal products would blow other conservation efforts out of the water.

My report on FSRN.



Lorelei Plotczyk, founder of  the grassroots organization Truth or Drought says “The idea that someone could be fined for watering their lawn on the wrong day, but could then go inside and serve their family a pound of beef at dinner which uses enough water for a year of showers by some estimates is completely and totally insane.”

A 2012 study by the Pacific Institute on California’s water footprint found meat and dairy production accounts for almost half of the water use in the state. They report that household use accounts for only four percent. Find more of my radio reporting here.




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