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In part, my constant reporting about what is going on in the world inspires my art. The other part of my inspiration is optimism.

Beyond my childhood Picassos, the first time I really remember painting I was a tween. I would purloin my writer mother’s typing paper and her folders in order to make paper dolls.
They were the most beautiful dolls I had ever seen. They wore the most beautiful dresses, all painted by me of course. I went on to take art classes in high school. Somehow I even made it into the gifted classes. There were more art classes in junior college and university, but I never felt that I could make it a career. So instead I veered toward photography and eventually majored in journalism, with a passel of literature classes thrown in just for fun.

And then during a rough week of a rough month of a very rough year I picked up my old brushes and an old tin of watercolors and I started painting again last yar. My first work is posted below. It made me smile. And Lord knows I needed to smile.


So there you have it. That’s the reason behind my artistic rebirth. Although I will say the art thing has always been a program
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