What I said about 9/11 eight years ago. Hint: It’s about love.

Learning About Love: What I Was Doing on 9/11
SEPTEMBER 11, 2010

I think about it often.

Not just on the anniversary of 9/11.

I remember very well what I was doing on that date.

The night before, a musician I know flew in from New York City to record a theme song for a television show.

We decided to catch a late dinner.

The next morning, I woke up very early to bake my favorite rock star a tart. A plum tart to be precise. I delivered it to the Roosevelt Hotel. When I returned home I turned on the television and witnessed what I first thought was the scene of a Will Smith movie.

Tragically it was not.

I called my Mother to tell her the news. The instant she saw the image of the burning World Trade Center she said, “We’ve been attacked.”

I know so many people were so surprised by the viciousness. While it was shocking, I’ve always had the sense that anything can happen in this world.

Plus it’s always occurred to me that the places that I’ve lived are attractive targets for terrorists.

Washington D.C. because it’s the nation’s capital
Los Angeles because it’s a major city
San Diego because of the proximity to military bases
But you have to live your life. Faith, hope and love help me a lot with that.

The thing that I remember more than anything that day was that in the final moments of their lives, those passengers on the doomed planes were not calling to see how well their portfolios were doing. They were not flipping through fashion magazines to see what was going to be in style the next season. They were not gossiping about their neighbors.

In fact they were calling loved ones to tell them, well, that they loved them.

The Starring in Your Own Life Lesson is that you don’t need a tragedy to prompt you to do the same. It could be a call, an e-mail, or a homemade tart. A plum tart to be precise.

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