Alice Princess


Lena Nozizwe’s mother, bestselling author, international speaker and educator, Alice Princess Msumba Siwundhla, Ph.D. is now prepping for production of the web series,”Lena Nozizwe presents Alice Princess is Fresh!”  based on the award-winning pilot.

Her African Egg Stew recipe was featured March 20, 2017 on the pages of the gorgeous food and illustration website They Draw and Cook.

The food and culture show features the authentic African recipes and stories that the South African-born and Malawian-raised chef knows by heart.


Alice Princess brings a fresh spin to fresh food.  She grew up eating the original farm to fork cuisine.


Alice Princess is as inspiring and as full of life today as she was when she stepped on the national stage as the principal subject in Ralph Edwards’ pioneering reality series “This is Your Life.”

Her recipes have been featured everywhere from the New York Post to the San Diego Union Tribune.

She calls the world wide web “the cob web.” If you want to leave her a message, send it to info at nozizwe dot com.




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