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Starring in Your Own Life: Reveal Your Hidden Star Quality and Make Your Life a Blockbuster Hit

Simon & Schuster

by Lena Nozizwe


Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
how I wonder what you are.
— Ann Taylor
The sunglasses were Versace. The outfit: Donna Karan. My attitude: exultant as I made my way from the first-class cabin to the exit gate at Los Angeles International Airport where the limousine driver was waiting.
The attention was not expected, but I have to admit that getting the Hollywood star treatment was great fun. Such sharp contrast to all the times I’ve landed at an airport and struggled to claim my luggage only to stand in long car rental lines. But to be honest the limo was not necessary. I probably could have floated to my hotel.

I had flown in from Washington, D.C., to meet with movie and television star Henry Winkler. The man I had grown up watching as “the Fonz” has added “successful producer” to his list of credits. He’d offered me a job as correspondent on a television show he was producing. My visit was arranged so I could meet with him and his staff.

The next morning Henry’s partner and producer were the first to arrive to a breakfast meeting at my Sunset Boulevard hotel. Then came the Fonz himself Even though the meeting was taking place in casual California, Henry was wearing a sports jacket and what looked to be a Hermes tie. The star of Happy Days had seen videotapes of my work on the Fox network, and he praised me for my ability to get people to open up. My ego was soaring. He could not have been more complimentary.

When we finished, I would leave for Paramount, where the show was produced. Henry was on his way to tape the Larry Sanders Show. But before we took off, our waiter stopped and asked, “May I have an autograph?” Henry graciously agreed. Then the unexpected occurred. The waiter turned and asked for mine!

There couldn’t have been a better scenario. A glamorous location. A famous, generous costar and an ego-enhancing plotline that had me being recognized and courted for a job by someone I had always admired. It was a Sally Field moment. He liked me; he really, really liked me. I was glowing. In fact, I was shining like a Star. Who would have ever thought that a Hollywood scene like this would ever play out in my life?
Well, me.

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