On Assignment: Craftivist Knitters Unite for The Pussyhat Project

It all started in a LYS, aka local yarn shop, in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Now craftivists from around the world are needling Donald Trump by joining the Pussyhat Project movement. The organizers were hoping to create more than a million hats. The estimates now are closer to 100,000. My report for the German broadcaster DW is featured in a whole show that focuses on the PEOTUS.




On Assignment: The Black Obituary Project

The creator and the stories behind the untimely obituaries featured in the Black Obituary Project.

My report for FSRN.







Iowa: Pigs, Corn and Caucuses

There must be something special about Iowa for me to have bought a snow globe there. Outta visits to 45 different states, it’s the only state snow globe in my collection–which does not make it much of a collection I suppose. I worked on a memorable feature story that meant a couple of visits and interaction with some impressive people who were part of a child abuse SWAT team.

On my way out after my first trip to Iowa I remember writing postcards at the Drake Diner. Postcards that really annoyed my waitress because they all had photos of pigs or corn stalks. She schooled me that there was more to Iowa than that. Of course my snow globe features pigs and corn.

But my waitress was right. She gave me a good tip. I’m not trying to get a vote, but I do like Iowa and I will watching the caucuses closely tonight. If I happen to see an ear of corn or a snorting pig, well, that will just be a bonus.


Remembering My [Sexual] Revolutionary Interview with Paul Kantner

The setting: Paul Kantner’s San Francisco crib which had a stunning view of the the Bay Bridge. I was there with a cameraman, the talented Scott Hall, to conduct an interview with the co-founder of Jefferson Airplane for a television news series about the 1960s. One of my questions included asking him about the sexual revolution.

Paul: It was wild.
Me: How wild?
Paul: Come upstairs and I will show you

Paul and Me: *Laughter*

Note: I did not go upstairs, but walked away from the interview thinking that Paul Kantner was brilliant and funny.


On Assignment: My favorite stories of 2015

DACA. Same Sex Marriage. Sandra Bland. Skid Row Karaoke. PrEP. The end of Rentboy.com
I have had the opportunity to report on quite a variety of news and feature stories in 2015 and it is hard to chose the most significant.
But you kind of have to at year’s end.

So here goes, in no particular order, the most memorable features.

The Psychological Impact of Being Undocumented

Skid Row Karaoke


Same Sex Marriage

Happy Chickens


“#Thugs”: From Ferguson to L.A.coming December 2015


Photograph copyright Lena Nozizwe 2013


For more than a year I have been documenting post-Ferguson  protests in Los Angeles, including the shot above from a die-in at the Third Promenade in Santa Monica.

For my upcoming e-book “#Thugs”: From Ferguson to L.A 2014-2015,  I have compiled photographs and interviews with everyone from local leaders of Black Lives Matters to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.

I use the word thug in the title because I see that word just about every time I review tweets or comments about police accountability protesters.  It seems the word “thugs” and other pejoratives end  many conversations about the demonstrators and police too. My hope is that by acknowledging those words we can all begin a much-needed conversation.



Coming December 6, 2015

“#Thugs”: From Ferguson to L.A 2014-2015.”



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