My Mother, They Draw and Cook and My Illustration of an Egg-cellent African Recipe

I am so egg-cited. My illustration and my mother’s delicious African Egg Stew recipe are now featured on the extraordinary website They Draw and Cook. I can vouch for its deliciousness. It’s the grub I grew up on. My comfort food.


It’s one of the recipes to be featured on the web series, “Lena Nozizwe presents Alice Princess is Fresh!”

I love They Draw and Cook. So many different kind of styles–and they produce books and sell the art work of the illustrators. A teacher from one of my online classes schooled me about it.I get drawn in (okay another pun) every time I visit. If you like my illustration-please click on the heart button and I just may make you a pot of African Egg Stew, especially if you can say Ndiwo Za Mandanda. A cinch.



Nozizwe Originals : United States of America


In part, my constant reporting about what is going on in the world inspires my art. The other part of my inspiration is optimism.

Beyond my childhood Picassos, the first time I really remember painting I was a tween. I would purloin my writer mother’s typing paper and her folders in order to make paper dolls.
They were the most beautiful dolls I had ever seen. They wore the most beautiful dresses, all painted by me of course. I went on to take art classes in high school. Somehow I even made it into the gifted classes. There were more art classes in junior college and university, but I never felt that I could make it a career. So instead I veered toward photography and eventually majored in journalism, with a passel of literature classes thrown in just for fun.

And then during a rough week of a rough month of a very rough year I picked up my old brushes and an old tin of watercolors and I started painting again last yar. My first work is posted below. It made me smile. And Lord knows I needed to smile.


So there you have it. That’s the reason behind my artistic rebirth. Although I will say the art thing has always been a program
Nozizwe Originals now available via Society 6 where you can get your very own Nozizwe Originals print, tote, iPhone cover and more!



On Assignment: Craftivist Knitters Unite for The Pussyhat Project

It all started in a LYS, aka local yarn shop, in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Now craftivists from around the world are needling Donald Trump by joining the Pussyhat Project movement. The organizers were hoping to create more than a million hats. The estimates now are closer to 100,000. My report for the German broadcaster DW is featured in a whole show that focuses on the PEOTUS.




On Assignment: The Black Obituary Project

The creator and the stories behind the untimely obituaries featured in the Black Obituary Project.

My report for FSRN.







Iowa: Pigs, Corn and Caucuses

There must be something special about Iowa for me to have bought a snow globe there. Outta visits to 45 different states, it’s the only state snow globe in my collection–which does not make it much of a collection I suppose. I worked on a memorable feature story that meant a couple of visits and interaction with some impressive people who were part of a child abuse SWAT team.

On my way out after my first trip to Iowa I remember writing postcards at the Drake Diner. Postcards that really annoyed my waitress because they all had photos of pigs or corn stalks. She schooled me that there was more to Iowa than that. Of course my snow globe features pigs and corn.

But my waitress was right. She gave me a good tip. I’m not trying to get a vote, but I do like Iowa and I will watching the caucuses closely tonight. If I happen to see an ear of corn or a snorting pig, well, that will just be a bonus.


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