The Solar Gang

Mini Documentary

Former gang members are transforming their lives thanks to the solar industry.

Solar Energy, Second Chances, Ban the Box


The Birthplace of That Pink Hat

Audio News Feature

A visit to the local yarn shop in Los Angeles where the colorful craftivist movement began.

Politics, Protest, Feminism


The California Water Shortage, Beverly Hills Style

Audio News Feature | Web Story | Photo Essay

May 2015

Beverly Hills gets a makeover when residents learn to live with brown lawns and dusty luxury cars all because of water restrictions.


Flashback to Depression-Era Mass Deportations

Audio News Feature

How more than 1,000,000 American citizens were deported from America to Mexico in the 1930s.



South by South of the Border Cuisine

Audio Mini-Documentary

A story for the James Beard award-winning show about a place that serves up soul food with a Mexican accent.

Food, Culture, Mexican-American, African-American


The Extraordinarily Talented Singer Who Sleeps in Her Car

Audio News Feature

Meet the talented singer-songwriter Sarah Scott, the face  the homeless banned from sleeping in their cars in LA neighborhoods.

Homelessness, Housing, Social Justice, Music


The Black Obituary Project

Audio News Feature | Photography

A thought-provoking art project featuring obituaries of vibrant and very much alive African-American men and women before their time.

Law Enforcement, African-American


The Museum of Broken Relationships

Audio News Feature


Why burn it or put it in the trash. This museum is where stuff is cataloged and displayed after your heart is broken.

Culture, Relationships

Making Contact

LGBTQ Seniors Find Shelter


Inside the first affordable housing complex in the United States designed for LGBTQ seniors.

Seniors, LGBTQ, Housing


Meet Ferguson’s New Police Chief

Audio News Feature

The story of how the top cop of Ferguson, MI went from being harassed by police to police chief of the city where Micheal Brown was killed.

Social Justice, Law Enforcement


Skid Row Sings

Audio News Feature

Outside the Skid Row church you will find drugs and despair, but on the inside there is joy and the sound of music every Wednesday on kareoke night.

Homelessness, Music


#Shutitalldown: An Invisible Gas Leak Leaves an Indelible Mark

News Story | Web Story | Photo Essay

A leaking methane well in a Los Angeles suburb turned quiet residents into loud protesters. With no end in sight.

Environmental, Protest


White Boy Tacos 

Feature Story

A downtown taco stand that satisfies the hunger of both foodies and the homeless.

Food, Homelessness


The Family That Protests Together

News Feature Story

Three generations attend one police accountability protest.

Law enforcement, Protest, African-American



Feature Story

Yogis who love their downward dogs, but do not fit the stereotype.

Body Mind Spirit, African-American


Shooting Russia 

Audio Feature

Celebrated National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig on his enduring fascination with Russia.

Photography, World


Putting Chickens Before Eggs  

Audio Feature

An LA coop where the chickens have their own gym and other perks

Environmental, Food


Depressed Cake Shop

Audio Feature

The cakes frown the cakes are happy inside at this pop-up bakery serves up encouragement and joy to the depressed.

Body Mind Spirit , Food


AIDS, Art, America

Audio Feature

A traveling art exhibit examines the impact of AIDS on art in the United States.