Lena Nozizwe’s family came to the United States, from Malawi, Africa, via Ralph Edwards’ pioneering reality television show, “This Is Your Life.” The principal subject of the program was Nozizwe’s mother, Alice Princess Msumba Siwundhla, Ph.D.

Nozizwe grew up to become an Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist, filmmaker, author, and speaker. She has earned a reputation as the storyteller who can and will go anywhere–from Palm Beach to South Central, Stockholm to San Diego, Dublin to Brooklyn and from Alaska to Zimbabwe.

Millions of viewers have watched Nozizwe’s “Afro-Mexicans of Los Angeles,” a story she pitched, shot, directed and co-produced for AJ+.

She came in second in the ALFA Short Film Competition on Ageism with her directorial debut, “A Father to Dye For,” starring Hulme Thamsanqa Siwudhla, Ph.D.

She won the New York Film Festival Silver Award for a documentary she hosted and produced that followed the lives of LA runaways over a two year period.She won a Golden Mike for her coverage of a firestorm in San Diego.

A feature she produced for Associated Press Radio about an interracial rock group was also a New York Film Festival winner.

Nozizwe won a local Emmy for a feature about former NBA player Marvin “Bad News” Barnes. She found him living in a San Diego homeless shelter. She was nominated for a national Emmy, competing head-to-head against the likes of Ted Koppel and Andy Rooney, for a story about a sexual assault victim who fought back.

The digital journalist has been featured in numerous publications, including the Washington Post, USA Today, Sister 2 Sister, Ireland’s Sunday Independent, Fitness, Glamour, the Adventist Review, Emmy Magazine, First for Women, Cosmopolitan and on SKY TV, CBS, and FOX.

Her writing has appeared in Seventeen, Complete Woman and Vibe. She is the author of the motivational book “Starring in Your Own Life” published by Simon & Schuster.

Nozizwe’s multimedia and radio reports have been featured on AJ+, FSRN, Associated Press Radio, Making Contact and Deutsche Welle.

When she is not writing, painting or creating beats or otherwise creating digital content, Nozizwe indulges in cooking and baking exotic comfort food, knitting, crocheting and designing clothing, especially from recycled materials.