Listen Carefully

artwork by Lena Nozizwe

Twenty-five years ago I was an on-air correspondent for a prime-time crime TV show and I asked my bosses if I could do a story about the murder of Tupac Shakur. They said yes. A few calls and a short time later I found myself walking into the offices of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for the first and only interview with the original team of homicide detectives investigating the case.

I worked hard and scored a lot of other exclusives including being the first reporter to get the now-infamous video of the beatdown involving Tupac at the MGM Grand. I was also the first to get the Compton search affidavit that detailed the deadly gang warfare that erupted in the wake of Tupac’s killing.

In addition, I interviewed Suge Knight in jail. The interview I set up with person of interest Orlando Anderson was nixed after we met he decided to bow out of going on camera.I have covered hundreds of other stories over the years. But it’s hard to think of any as haunting as Tupac’s murder which is still officially unsolved.

Well, I am back on the case with an upcoming limited-series podcast. Once again I have scored exclusives in my coverage.So much more to say, but for now will simply say Lena Nozizwe Reporting. Details to come August 31, 2021.